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direct link to Prostitution Project

here is the link to the Prostitution Project report I was gushing over in class. SO worth your time to read.


Open Thread on Blogging and Tweeting


I thought I would start an open thread about how we did and didn't use the blog and twitter in our class this semester. Some questions to consider:

  • How much did you use the blog the semester?
  • Did blogging enable you to engage more with the readings and the class?
  • Thoughts about the diablog assignment? What about taking notes and posting them?
  • Reflections on twitter?

You can post your thoughts as comments to this entry.

Don't know if anyone has watched Portlandia on the IFC channel. The show aired this past January and I heard a 2nd season is in the works. There is LOTS going on--lots to write/think/critique/analyze in the short clips that make up the sketch comedy show. There are a series of "feminist bookstore" sketches that warrant their own blog post. (most are on Hulu, btw.) The above clip on "ordering chicken" made me think about ethical conversations we have been having in class. As I watched this clip I couldn't stop thinking about the "good citizen" "bad citizen" with regard to consumption and food "rules." In addition to conversations of "judgment" that seem to surrounds all sides of ethical food debates. Here is another clip from the show on dumpster diving.

I just wanted to share these clips in thinking through Sara's question from our last class:

"When is it politics and when is it ethics?"
Also, "What is the role of ethics in judgment?"


Open Thread for feb 8

The focus of this week's readings are on the ethical "evolution" of Butler's work. I thought I would start an open thread to get us started thinking and reflecting. Here are a few questions:

  1. How does Butler describe/discuss/imagine ethics in these readings?
  2. What common themes do you see emerging in these essays?
  3. How do they fit/don't fit?
  4. Any particular passages that you want to read really closely on Tuesday?

Here's a clip from a documentary on Butler, Judith Butler: Philosophical Encounters of the Third Kind.


Starting at 5:10, Butler reflects on themes that resurface throughout her work and how she's not interested in imagining her work as an [ethical] system. The entire video is available at Walter Library. 

Open Thread on Reading/Viewing Recommendations


As I mentioned in class today, I thought I would start an open thread on reading and viewing recommendations. Post a comment to this thread with your suggestions. You can also comment with links to blogs--blogs you write on, read, or just want to encourage us to check out.