Reading Schedule

Course Reading Schedule: Subject to Change

jan 18               Introduction to Class

jan 25              Queer Pedagogies and Productions


  • Luhmann, Suzanne. "Queering/Querying Pedagogy"
  • Shahani, Nishant G. "Pedagogical Practices and the Reparative Performance of Failure, or, 'What does [Queer] Knowledge do?"
  • Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky. "Paranoid Reading and Reparative Reading, Or, You're so Paranoid, You Probably Think This Essay Is About You"

feb 1               Resisting Morality and the call to be good


  • Butler, Judith. "Ethical Ambivalence" 
  • Butler, Judith. "Preface to Gender Trouble" 
  • Frye, Marilyn. "A Response to Lesbian Ethics: Why Ethics?"
  • "Anti-social Queer"
  • Edelman, Lee. "The Future is Kid Stuff"
feb 8               Judith Butler's Ethical "Evolution"?

    • Butler, Judith with William Connolly. "Politics, Ethics and Power"
    • Butler, Judith. "Introduction: Acting in Concert" in Undoing Gender
    • Butler, Judith. "Precarious Life" in Precarious Life
    • Butler, Judith. "Torture and the Ethics of Photography: Thinking with Sontag"
feb 15              Norms, Normativity and Aspiration

    • Jakobsen, Janet. "Queer Is? Queer Does? Normativity and the Problem of Resistance"
    • Taylor, Dianna. "Normativity and Normalization"
    • Butler, Judith. "Ch 2: Regulating Gender" in Undoing Gender
    • Ferguson, Rod. "Of Our Normative Strivings: African American Studies and the Histories of Sexuality"


feb 22      Besides: Somerville and Queering the Color Line     

march 1   On some meanings of beside/s

    • Butler, Judith. "Beside Oneself: On the Limits of Sexual Autonomy"
    • Chávez, Karma R. "Spatializing Gender Performativity: Ecstasy and Possibilites for Livable Life in the Tragic Case of Victoria Arrellano"
    • Muñoz, Jose Esteban. Selections from Disidentifications
march 8    

Beside(s) Kant: On dignity and humanity

    • Cornell, Drucilla. "Autonomy Re-Imagined"
    • Cornell, Drucilla. Selections from Between Women and Generations
    • Kant, Immanuel. Excerpt 
    • Cacho, Lisa Marie. "'You Just Don't Know How Much He Meant': Deviancy, Death, and Devaluation"
    • Cohen, Cathy. "Deviance as Resistance"
march 15        SPRING BREAK

march 22        B

eside(s) Levinas: On non-violence and responsibility 


    • Butler, Judith. Giving an Account of Oneself
    • Levinas. TBA
march 29        Beside a feminist ethics of care: forms of and resistances to caring

    • Tronto, Joan. Excerpt from Moral Boundaries
    • Cooper, Davina. "'Well, you go there to get off:' Visiting feminist care ethics through a women's bathhouse"
    • Hines, Sally. Excerpt from Transforming Gender: Transgender practices of identity, intimacy and caring
    • Jeppesen, Sandra. "Queer anarchist autonomous zones and publics: Direct action vomiting against homonormative consumerism"
april 5            Beside virtue: on critique and troublestaying

    • Foucault, Michel. "What is Enlightenment?" and "The Masked Philosopher"
    • Butler, Judith. "On the Virtue of Critique"
    • Dr. Seuss. Horton Hears a Who (book and film versions) IN CLASS
april 12          Beside Aristotle: On the "good" life

    • Ahmed, Sara. Excerpt from The Promise of Happiness
    • Tessman, Lisa. Burdened Virtues. OPTIONAL
april 19           Beside bioethics: What counts as life?

    • Diedrich, Lisa. Excerpt from Treatments
april 26           Final Project Discussion

may 4             Final wrap-up at Sara's house

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