Day Eight: September 29


Today we are talking about Andrea Smith's "Queer Theory and Native Studies" from a special issue in GLQ on Sexuality, Nationality and Indigeneity. 

Announcements: Your blog worksheets are due next Thurs (10.6)

Readings for next Tuesday:

4 a Person


FILM: clips from Judith Butler: Philosophical Encounters of the Third Kind and Examined Life

The Native as Infantile Citizen

"Within this colonial imaginary, the Native is an empty signifier that provides the occasion for Europe to remake its corrupt civilization" (Smith 52). 

How does the "crying Indian" fit in with Smith's critique? With the normalizing logics of settler colonialism?

Can you tweet a summary of A Smith's article? How would you sum it up in 140 characters or less? Here are two of my quick attempts:

Screen shot 2011-09-29 at 1.49.36 PM.png

Some key terms:
  • unsettling settler colonialism 
  • sovereignty 
  • subjectless critique 
  • normalizing logics of academia 
  • infantile citizen 
  • queer time: past/present/future 
  • queer as rejection? space for imagining new possibilities or rejecting existing ones? 
  • role of "tradition" 
  • reworking home 
  • identification/counter-identification/dis-identification
  •  shifting from politics of recognition to politics of responsibility/interrelatedness 
  • identity plus politics

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