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In reading Luhmann's "Queering/Querying Pedagogy?, Or Pedagogy is a pretty Queer Thing" she mentions many questions within the beginning of her essay stating questions along the side of what does a pedagogy look like? and who is it for, or what is it about? These questions are a great way to start off the essay striking critical thinking among readers. Her main concern deals with gender and sexuality, specifically with queer pedagogy in that it disrupts the idea of normalcy.
Luhmann also mentions in her argument the concept of pedagogy being that she doesn't focus on "the common concerns of teaching, such as what should be learned and how to teach this knowledge", instead she "focuses her idea of pedagogy as beginning with the question of how we come to know and how knowledge is produced in the interaction between teacher/text and student" (6). In her concept she suggests that "this type of orientation to pedagogy exceeds education's traditional fixation on knowledge transmission, and its wish for the teacher as the master of knowledge" (6). This new idea of transmission of knowledge between teacher and student suggests how we come to know knowledge. The teacher is no longer the "master of knowledge".
Luhmann's suggestion of an alternative way of thinking about knowledge suggests a new way of thinking that should be at least looked at. Luhmann's concern as pedagogy being posed as a question instead of an answer of knowledge suggests that "pedagogy begins to shift from transmission strategies to an inquiry into the conditions for understanding, or refusing knowledge" (7). But what does to refuse knowledge mean? How can we refuse knowledge? Are we refusing to be taught knowledge in a certain way?
I'm interested to know further about her ideas of understanding knowledge and/or refusing knowledge ,as well as her ideas about normalcy and heteronormativity.

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