Feminist Ryan Gosling Meme

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Quickly, for those who don't know, a "meme" is an image (most often amusing) or a series of images that are variations on the same theme that circulate through the internet. It's like a video that's gone viral on youtube. Some examples are "lolcats" (above the picture are "previous" and "next" buttons; feel free to browse for lulz), "Pimp My Ride's" Xzibit "Yo Dawg" meme, and "Courage Wolf".

I found this new set of memes called "Feminist Ryan Gosling." I think Ryan Gosling has become a meme in some other way, and that this is a riff off of it. I found this link to a series of what are probably some of the original Ryan Gosling memes. I don't know why he's suddenly the center of the internet's attention, but through my many years on the internet, I've learned it's better to just not ask questions like that. In any case, I liked this "Feminist Ryan Gosling" pic the most:

feminist ryan gosling judith butler.jpg

I thought maybe you guys would get a kick out of it. Here's the link to the rest of them. Hopefully there'll be more to come!

1 Comment

Thanks for posting this Nyssa! I've been meaning to do it, but I keep forgetting. Yeah, I love this picture too.

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