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Yesterday, Kelly gave a great presentation on Jasbir Puar's "Mapping U.S. Homonormativities" and her term, homonationalism. I experimented with live-tweeting as she presented. You can check out my tweets after the break (note: Nyssa also live-tweeted, so check our class list or #quet2011 for her great tweets).

I like live-tweeting because it allows me publicly document talks/presentations. In some ways, I treat it like taking public. While I like live-tweeting, I find it to be difficult; people talk fast and it's hard to record what they're saying (especially in 140 characters). What do you think of my tweets? Anything you want to add that I missed? Have you thought about live-tweeting a class (or as you are reading an essay)?

Here are the tweets. For chronological order, read them from bottom to top.

live-tweet kelly 1.png

live-tweet Kelly 3.png

live-tweet Kelly 2.png

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I think live tweeting class discussions is a really interesting tool. It allows a common base of note taking and I think these ideas are more useful in public than to keep them private. I also think that using this process forces the writer to think about main ideas and central arguments that are worthy of a tweet. The practice of condensing these ideas (like we've done, or at least attempted) in class is useful because it forces us to summarize very dense work which can be critical to understanding or building a starting point for understanding.
I think your tweets did an excellent job of illustrating the main points of the presentation- they almost look like my notes! I hope I didn't talk too fast!
I am planning to live tweet an essay for my next DE because I think it will be helpful and challenging to summarize points as I go along and then try to summarize the whole article.

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