Bodies/Material Experiences: Annotated Bibliography 2


1.a. Revolting Bodies? The Struggle to Redefine Fat Identity (Chapter 7 The Queerness of Fat)revoltingbodies.jpg
b. Kathleen Le Besco
c. Le Besco draws on connections between fat and queer identity in chapter 7. She speaks of a cause seeking rhetoric in which their is a strong desire to fix one's queerness or fatness. She gives the example of searching for a "gay" or "fat" gene that may help to explain or correct the queer of fat identity of someone. Why in our culture is there this need to explain away modes of being? This mode that she talks of being explained away is fat and queer people, which seem to be manifesting some underlying problem, deviancy.
Stigmatized Individuals
1) Hypersexual
2) Animalistic
3) Overvisible
Le Besco continues by explaining to see fat as a subset of queerness and fat admiration as another part of sexuality. To draw upon fat within the gay community she mentions the ostracization of fat, where gay men have become obsessed with appearance and normality. Although is overall seen as a feminizing characteristic (roundness, softness) in the lesbian community women can gain strength through fatness. Whereas, gay men acquire fatness and achieve woman-like qualities and weakness.
Le Besco refers to outing in fat politics as the use of language by skinny individuals. For example, "I'm so fat" is a call for help/reassurance that the individual who proclaims this is actually not fat. It is also used for this group of people to bond i.e. "Oh, you're not fat". People who are truly fat then do not have these conversations because it would out them. Le Besco gives three categories in which fat people fall within
1) Out and About-owning and embracing one's fatness
2) Silent types- the downplaying of the relevance on one's size
3)Traitors-she speaks of the person who once stood for and embraced fatness is
now against of ambivalent
d. As I was reading I kept thinking of fat people in pop culture and where they fall within fat politics and/or where I think they fall. Do these people exert agency through their fat identities. Are they out and about, silent, or traitors? I think it may be helpful to read a couple other chapter out of this book in particular. What I was really hoping for was to get various perspectives from different authors from Le Besco's The Fat Studies Reader. It is unfortunately checked out from our library :(.
e. Sara recommended this book after discussion of my first annotated bibliography. While meeting with Sara in her office she gave me the call number for the book. I checked this book out from Wilson library here at the U.
f. Le Besco, Kathleen. Revolting Bodies?:The Struggle to Redefine Fat Identity. USA: University of Massachusetts Press. Book.

a.Glamour Magazine: Beth Ditto's New Clothing Line
Beth, singer and fashion icon, was quoted as saying "I want to make clothes for big girls". British department store Evans agreed. After looking at the clothing line, which was prompted and inspired by Beth, I was shocked to see average to thin women modeling the clothes. Because Beth herself is so big into fashion and because the line was influenced by hew own clothing, why wasn't Beth modeling? What is the face of Evans? Why wasn't Beth used? Is Beth what LeBesco deems as Out and About? According to the Glamour article the answer is yes. They state, "She's plus-sized and proud of it. She wears brightly patterned skin-tight dresses, loud accessories and all the other stuff that fussy old style folks would say is a no-no for anyone over size 2. And, you know what? They're all total DOs on her, especially as she's so full of spunk and confidence". What if she wasn't so full of "spunk" and confidence? Would this change Beth's ability to reach a large audience? Would she be seen as lazy or disgusting instead of confident and forward?0618beth-ditto-for-evans_fa.jpg
d. I searched Beth Ditto on google because Scotty had recommended using Beth for an informal source. I pulled up the cover on NME, which he had specifically mentioned. After pulling of various videos and article on Beth I came across her clothing line which came out in 2009. I would like to find more on Beth today and where and how fat identity comes to light in her life and if it does.
e. Lomrantz, Tracey. "Beth Ditto's New Clothing Line: Cheap & Chic & Plus Sized". 18 June 2009. Web 12 Dec. 2011.

a.Big Fat Deal (A Blog that proclaims to be happy with whatever weight you happen to be).
b. Monique "mo pie" van den Berg, Weetabix, and Jen "jen fu" Larsen
c. The Big Fat Deal began in 2004 because Monique was in search of a blog which focused on the portrayal of weight in pop culture in both a negative and positive light. Monique boasts that her focus is fat positivity and writes, "We've talked on this blog about all kinds of contributors to overweight--from genetics to sexual abuse to illness. It's fucking COMPLEX, and people who are just like, "Die, fatties, die!" negate that complexity and simply make themselves look simplistic and dumb. Not to mention the fact that a person's body is nobody else's business, when it comes down to it". Monique here when referencing genetics is channeling Le Besco and her explanation of a cause seeking rhetoric. Where there seems to be this urge to correct fatness by trying to/figuring out ways to repair the deviancy.
d.I would like to read more of the comments posted on different enteries. There are tons of comment on various topics from celebrities, advocacy, weight loss, fatism, fat positivity, and more.
e. Larsen, Jen, Monique "mo pie" van den Berg, Weetabix. "Big Fat Deal". July 2004. Web. 12 Dec. 2011.

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