DE engagement queer are of failing


I decided to take up the Judith halberstam's book the Queer art of Failure as my direct engagement. In the Book she presents an argument of the failure of academia to be able to make ideas and theories like "queer theory accessible to the general public. In class we sorta came to a consensus that she as well did not do a very effective job at providing "access" to her own theorization. I am interested in this idea of access that she presents because it has been a common critique towards academia that it is not accessible.

In the book she references movies like dude where's my car as a way to provide an imagery that is more accessible to the general public but here's the thing. Any reference to ashton kutcher or any of his movies pre-demi moore divorce is sooo passe. It just ends up falling flat and looks gives the general impression that she is just trying too hard to be cool. I am not trying to hate on Judith Halberstam I see this failure of the use of popculture more on a grander scale. The time frame in order for her to be able to write the book, get it edited and then published is too long of a time frame to be able to capture effectively any pop culture reference. Reference like the ones she was making are tricky at best because what is "cool" doesn't stay cool too long it will change and change fast.
The failure in her book... well I, that it's because it's a book. The way systems of publishing literary work now is not fast enough to be able to capture the moments that she may be trying within her book to catch. Much of the current technologies now allow for such rapid commentary to moments of pop culture that by the time a book gets published the issue is all talked out. I feel that any "failures" of the book that we might be able to identify are a failure of the system that she works under.

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DE engagement queer are of failing
I decided to take up the Judith halberstam's book the Queer art of Failure as my direct engagement. In the…