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My tracking term was bodies and material experience. I have come to the conclusion that experience is both subjective and objective. Obvious, you say!! Yes it is however; I believe that we rarely think of how are bodies are spoken for in normative discourses. In many ways our bodies are fragmented making it hard to define what materiality is. We have been taught though science that seeing is more reliable that feeling in in that way we are disconnected from the material. This is where I think Descartes became a useful source for me. He came to the conclusion that he exists because he thinks. All bodily and materiality could be doubted away. Why is that? He thought that the body was fallible and unreliable; he thought that the objective state was more credible. This is where I think queering objectivity becomes useful when looking at the body. Who is able to be objective is questioned, when we know how stratification decides who has the ability to define bodies. Though this objectives gaze bodies are rendered unintelligible. In Butler's "Bodies that Matter" she discussed the performativity of bodies with in the heterosexual matrix. For Butler we only come in to materiality though the performance of norms. I think this is absolutely true, can we live in a society with out being influenced by community building though norms. The film "Paris is burning" highlights bodies as a performance of norms by queer bodies. The more real one appears the better, the closer they come to being seen as normal by the outside world. The performance renders the body both intelligible and false. It is merely a construction of society.
So what is queering to me, it is a way of reframing what appears to be natural. It is a constant questioning, one something becomes intelligible it need to be called in to re-questioning. I think this is important as to not create new norms, which again leaves some on the margins. I like the resources on Homonationalism (
posted by Kelly.
There is a need to assess they way in which power can work though multiple forms of discourse. How does lesbian/gay identity get taken up to assert fear or power over people of color? This was most visible after 9/11, we as "Americans" were reduced to national bodies. At that moment we were supposed to be unified as one. Even though that ONE was a problematic hetero-normative identity. It momentarily included the lesbian/gay community at the expense of others. I think these are important questions asked within queer theory. For Butler we are never outside the Matrix and due to this there is always a need to question. I think that the Queer This assignments were most helpful in attempting to define queer theory. Every thin should be queered, Language, images...EVERYTHING!
The process of tracking terms was at times a difficult process. I came into the assignment with an idea of what I thought it meant. However it was not just a simple explanation. Though tracking the term came the understanding of what it means to queer something. Looking for sources that were not academic was the most difficult for me. I was about not being so reliant on normative ways of learning and understanding. Often with in the context of the University, it feels like we are not supposed to trust our knowledge. We are told over and over again not to look on the Internet for information as it is un-trust worthy. Which in part is true and yet information out there can be more honest more real, if you will. Using the blog was useful to me, in that I got to engage with others in the class out side of the university setting. I felt at times that I could be more honest in my comments. Also I think that it gave me greater flexibility with my time. I could go back and revisit what I said and have the opportunity to change or add to my thoughts. Others could give their impute which was helpful in shaping my arguments in later post. Twitter on the other hand was less useful. I forgot that it was even a part of the class. I stated in my first live tweet that I would have been nice if the live feed was on the blog during class.
I will admit that at first I did not want to blog or tweet as I had done it in a previous class. I think that I was better this time around because the class was small and intimate. I don't think its as helpful in large classed, things get lost in the clutter. I'm less willing to read what others write if there is too much. This forum did add to my understanding of queer theory as have previously stated. (Sorry to be redundant)! The classroom setting was clearly queered, we held class outside and online. This made the class more accessible and comfortable for me.

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