For my Remix/Redux/Revisit blog entry, I want to talk about my first annotated bibliography on my tracking term(s) Resist/ Reject.

My concept of what resisting of rejecting could mean or look like was very narrow at this time. My first bibliography was pretty much dedicated to defining the term(s) in their most basic forms or uses.

I still stand by my assertion that to resist and to reject are related, but do not mean exactly the same. Scott and I discussed this idea when looking at Munoz's article on disidentification. To reject is to completely disengage with something, the opposite of assimilation in some ways, but to resist is to engage with the system and rework it to serve your own needs or to disrupt normative patterns, such as performing disidentifications. In this understanding, resistance is more possible and probably more useful than rejection. To attempt to be outside of something, be it an issue or a community, is to allow it to exist uninterrupted.

When I say that I had a narrow view of what rresistance/rejection could look like, I mean that I had not really engaged with That's Revolting! yet or Gender Outlaws, which both helped me to see the ways in which resistance to hetero- and homo- normative forces and expectations can be so very different in the lives of different individuals and communities. I don't think anything I said in my first bibliography was wrong, but I do feel like I was just groping around try to make some sense of the direction I would be heading.
In this case, it is useful to look back at old entries to see how my own understandings have expanded in such a short time. However, I am a very self-critical person, and perhaps judging my first impressions on a topic is a little cruel to my former self. Also, I fear the emergence of a narrative of progress here, the idea that I might be a better person because I now have seen more diverse forms of resistance, or because I have finished this project, as if my own minor research is enough to fully understand the scope of such broad terms. Perhaps looking forward serve to keep us humble.

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