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Security Monitor Check -Ins

Hey gang--

I have been asked to get some feedback about the security monitor check-ins. I can see that most evenings the security monitor is checking in at least twice. Because of increased security concerns I wanted to get your impressions of the security monitor service:

Do you feel that the security rounds are sufficient? In other words, do you feel like there need to be more rounds?

Have you had to call the security monitor because of computer mis-use or other disturbances?

Is the security monitor present when you close the libraries at 8:00?

Thanks very much for your feedback! It really helps improve the building security.


I think it's good when the security monitor comes down at least twice a night, though I think more would be better. The problem we've been having is the times that the monitor comes down are really inconsistent. If there was a set time when they were supposed to come down, then workers would know exactly when to expect them which helps with security issues I think.

I haven't had to call security for any reason so far. I know one night Levita called because it was noisy in the basement.

When I close the libraries, there has never been a security monitor present. In the beginning of Sept., it probably happened twice, but since then no one has come down. I don't know why this is, but they are never down at 8.