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Wednesday 11/29

I want to clarify what Levita meant on the tally sheet when she wrote something about an "odd man" that was complained about in Ames tonight. I am almost positive that this man was harmless...in fact, he was quite friendly. I tried to help him find some books in Ames for about 10 minuteas during my desk shift, and he was really quite friendly and didn't make me feel at all uncomfortable. I couldn't find the books he needed on the card catalog, and he had already asked Reference for help with no results, so he decided to just browse the BL section in Ames. Later, Levita told me that another patron in Ames came to her while she was at the desk and told her that there was a "strange man that asked a worker a lot of questions" in Ames. I asked Levita if the patron herself had been approached or made uncomfortable by this man, and Levita said that the patron didn't ask for him to be taken out of Ames or anything. Basically, I think that this patron was just concerned that this man was up to no good, but I know for a fact that he was only browsing shelves since I interacted with him. I asked the rovers to periodically check in Ames to make sure everything was ok, just to be sure.

So really, this incident was not a huge deal, I just wanted to make sure you understood why Levita wrote that comment and what was done about it.

Nothing else tonight!