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Annex Shift Update 10/22/07

We have put interfiling Quartos and Octavos on hold for now.

-We are moving LC Folios from 40B to 47A. These are moving backwards (From Z-A), and because of that students should try to fit as many shelves per vertical section as possible...especially when sets are being moved.
-There are now "LC Shift" flags for people in the current Folio section that note a call number and Shelf number on it. When students come to these, they should find the items in the noted aisle number and interfile them before moving the rest of the books.
-Space to leave: 14inches per shelf, but all sets should be filled in. Please remind eveyone that they need to leave space when a call number changes (this has not been getting done consistently).

Please have all desk students work on this shift.
We are out of yellow trucks, so we are using a brown one from 1st Floor Circulation.

Please let me know if you have any questions.