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Great Service!!!

Hello Everyone,

During the month of April, Wilson Annex was 'secret shopped' four times. The service providers during those times provided great service, and consistently scored 9/10! They were each presented with a certificate, and entered into a prize drawing.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the great service that you provide to our users! Let's continue to make it our top priority to serve our users well so they feel good about the experiences they have here at Wilson Library.

Here are the points that everyone was evaluated on:
1. Acknowledged User
2. Greeted User
3. Wear Nametag
4. Appropriate Clothing
5. Appropriate Language
6. Respect
7. Ask if they Found Everything Ok
8. Gave clear explanations
9. Offered directions
10. Approach Users

We expect everyone to practice the above points during every user interaction; whether you are in the stacks or on the desk.

#7 is tricky, and not necessarily relevant to our desk situations (which is why our staffers scored 9/10) because you are the one looking for the item; it does apply in the stacks though.
I would like to suggest that you incorporate phrases like "Is there anything else that I can do for you today?" into user transactions so you can encourage them to ask for more help if they need it.

I would love to hear feedback about these points; any questions or thoughts?




I have been working the desk for a long time and I think the most important thing to remember when you start working it is to never be afraid to say that you are unsure of something and go ask a supervisor for clarification. That way if that problem ever comes up again you will know exactly what to do.