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Moving Books

Hello Everyone!

I just want you all to be aware of some changes you may notice (or have noticed in the past weeks) in the stacks upstairs, because we are shifting the entire general collection starting with 4th floor. The shift is moving fairly quickly, and the biggest change you'll notice is the amount of space on the shelves. We're leaving 2 inches of empty space on each shelf, which is not very much.

Our Dewey collection is not growing, so we have decided to be aggressive with the space so we can allow for more space in the LC collection where growth space is important. As you shelve on 4th floor it may be necessary to remove the wires in these sections and fill the shelves completely. This is okay! Please hang wires on the crossbars and put anytop shelf book ends on the shelves near the delivery shelf so we can bring them to the lower floors to be used.