December 22, 2006

Blog Rules and Uses

Please always remember that this blog is accessible to anyone with access to the world-wide web. Here are a few guildelines to follow whenever you are commenting or posting:

1. Do not publish sensitive information such as: Patron name, contact information, or materials associated with patrons.

2. Please also be respectful towards your co-workers by only using their first names in posts, and never posting their contact information.

3. For situations that may be deemed inappropriate for everyone in the Unit to view, for example a conflict with a co-worker, please talk directly to your supervisors instead of posting it to the blog.

4. You may use the blog to help you find a replacement worker for a shift, but do not rely solely on the blog alone. It is a good idea to use all tools, such as the sign up sheet (required), and e-mail or phone contact to communicate with your co-workers.

5. It is not expected that you read the blog outside of your work shift.

Everyone must post a comment acknowledging that you've read this posting. Thanks!