December 18, 2007

Interview With Erin Shaw by Megann Dieser

How long have you worked here?
3 ½ years. Right? Maybe?

What was the most interesting thing that has happened to you while working here?
Well, someone asked me this the other day and I said when a cart almost tipped over. And the second: Hugo.

What is your favorite book?
Let me think here, it comes in waves… I mean do you have a favorite book?

Not really, I have favorite authors.
Let’s see, currently I have two: A Pilgrim At Twinkle Creek and The Road.

What is your Major?
Environmental Geography and I also have a minor in the rhetoric of Land, Common Nature and Environmental Values.

What do you want to do with that?
Oh God! Either some sort of Environmental Education Program or an outreach program. I really want to teach in an urban agricultural setting, helping people to work together to improve cities. Because right now the Environmental Movement or Green Movement is currently a privileged class movement and the only way that it can start making a real difference is having more of the working class participate in local solutions. Or maybe I will just start a goat farm and make cheese.

When did you graduate?
December 9, 2007. Woohoo!

I heard you just got engaged!
Yes! I did! My fiancée’s name is Ryan and we have been dating for 4 ¾ years. I need a poll… What do people prefer, Mrs. Shaw or Mrs. Potts? Does Mrs. Potts remind anyone of The Beauty and The Beast? This is a really important question because if I am going to be a teacher this could be crucial! So post your response!
…Both laugh…

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Really… Oh man! That is so hard because I don’t really know what I want to do. I see myself just doing something that I am interested in, but I don’t know what that would be. I am planning to take the whole career thing just one step at a time, there’s no rush. I don’t really know, that’s kind of the scary but exciting part.

Where are you from originally?
I am from La Crosse Wisconsin a city of about 50,000 folks. It is known for having more bars per block than any other city … so that is our thing. But, it is really beautiful. A weird side note is now two people that I know my brother and a friend from high school, have seen a billboard in California and a bumper sticker somewhere basically saying, “If you want to get away with murder go to La Crosse Wisconsin.? I guess we are known for not doing anything when bad stuff happens, not that anything really bad ever happens.

How did you decide to go to the U of M?
Um was completely undecided and I wanted to go to school in Scotland so I chose Hamline University.

So, how did Scotland turn into Hamline?
Well, it is expensive obviously to go to school in a different country. And reality struck that I would miss my parents and then I met Ryan. So, after a year at Hamline, which I absolutely HATED! I transferred to the U of M. And that was that.

So, how did you and Ryan meet?
We met through a mutual friend. But, in elementary school we were in the same first grade class and I had a crush on him, but then I transferred schools. When I was at home last I found the class Valentines from that year and his was of a bear holding a heart which said, “I love you berry much!? And on the back was his name scribbled. It was so cute!

When is your last day?
Thursday, it’s been nice. But I am not going to miss shelf reading!!!
Thanks Erin for all your hard work and good luck!!!