September 30, 2004

Site Plans

At the time of this entry most of the UThink community is using simple variants of the default UThink template for their blog layout. What I would like to do within my web design class is to create a page that would have several (5~10 or more) templates that a user could choose from, and then customize with colors, font variants, etc. Since my class encourages the exploration of Flash programming, I think that making the page in Flash would serve as both an educational experience for me and provide enough functionality for the page. I sketched out a thumbnail of the site, and would have scanned it, but my professor has it at the moment.

If I am able to complete the template design page, I would then like to focus on the design of this main page. I think that the page should not deviate too far from the default UThink template. Maintaining a similarity to the default template will give the users instant familiarity with the site. However, having links to the site 'dressed' in the different templates from the site builder does seem like a good idea.

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September 23, 2004

Site Launch

Having never 'launched' a project like this, I haven't a clue as to what to say here. I'd like to lay out my ideas for what this will become, and how it will evolve. What I'm hoping to do is to begin using this blog to explore and experiment with the flexibility of the MovableType publishing system. Hopefully, from there some FAQs, and other resources will spawn...

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