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Blog #2

Some important issues discussed in the Beijing Platform that would have impacted the arrator in Tillie Olsen's short story are: access to food for women living in poverty (A.1.58.j.), developement of education and training to ensure that women can acquire skills to meet new demands (A.1.59.e), and developement of gender-based methodoligies and conducting research to address the feminization of poverty (A.4.) Had food been more accessble to the narrator then the daughter would not have had to go away to a poor institution that stifled her growth and as an outcome hindered her progress as a person. The lack of education and training also plays a large role as the narrtor did not always have a job and when the narrator did then she needed time to get into the job and had to send the daughter away to relatives. If the narrator had better or more skills then finding a suitable job would have been easier and the connection with her daughter would not have been so strained. The developement of gender-based methodologies and and research addressing th feminization of poverty would have helped the narrator identify her weaknesses as an impoverished parent and in turn she would have been able to find resources to improve and create a better life for her family aswell as herself.