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Blog #3

During high school, I worked in a nursery for a local YMCA. The nursery was divided into two sections; the nursery for ages 6 months to five years, and the C.A.G.E. 5 years to 12 years. Just a couple months before I was hired one of the male nursery workers was accused of child molestation. This prompted the company to hold an invasive investigation of the nursery and C.A.G.E. workers and several new rules added to employee conduct. The most significant was that male employees could not work or even enter the nursery area. Only women were allowed to work with the small children. As a female, I was expected to perform maternal tasks such as hold, feed, and change infants. Meanwhile the men were asked to perform tasks like play board games, video games, and basketball with the older children. However, both positions were paid the same and given the same respect.
I also worked in a hospital during the summer. One of the places I worked was the biomedical engineering department where they fixed broken medical devices and machines. This small department was comprised of about 10 people. However, all the people in this department were men, except for their secretary who kept their schedule. It was funny to see the men making jokes and fixing machines while the one woman worked hard to file the paperwork and make appointments. It took the men a few weeks to realize that I was capable of fixing devices as well. The men assumed that since I was a woman that I did not enjoy fixing devices and working with my hands, that I would rather file.