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Second Blog - I Stand Here Ironing Strategy for the Relief of Poverty

The narrator from "I Stand Here Ironing" by Tillie Olson seemed as if she is regretful as to the mother she was and acknowledges the mother that she was not to Emily. The best strategy that may have helped Emily's mother with motherhood is to review, adopt and maintain macroeconomic policies and development strategies that address the needs and efforts of women in poverty.

By the government analyzing policies and programs Emily mom may have been able to obtain and maintain a well paying, stable job (with benefits such as on site day care). She would not have had to work long extensive hours and would have been able to focus on Emily and her siblings well being. Emily's family poverty and unstableness would have been recognized as an issue. Typically after recognization, fixture is obtainable (or at the very least a plan for fixture). Productive resource would have been a great help for Emily's family; resources are always a great tool for women / families living in poverty, (and for now what is considered middle class). Middle class has a large range which some could consider being borderline poverty this entire plan is great, and would have been a good tool for Emily's mother as a parent. Distribution of food, affordable housing, reevaluating society methods for opportunity and providing a means are all helpful tools in a life of poverty. Emily's mother would have been given a choice within the choices she made pertaining to motherhood and she would not have had to send Emily away unless she truly wanted to do so; she would not have had to work long hours; and she would have known how to love and care for Emily in an emotionally stable manner. The family then would have had a choice of living in poverty if the government implemented policies / regulations to address and succeed out of poverty as stated within the strategy.