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Violence aganist Women

The Beijing Platform discusses many ways that violence against women in the public and in domestic life are connected. In particular, I found that the most influencing factors were cultural traditions, social pressures, lack of education, and images of violence towards women in the media.

Culture can have a huge effect on violence against women. Often some type of mutilation whether small or large deemed as necessary in a culture for women to achieve a certain status. Unfortunately, women are forced into situations where they have no choice as to their outcome and they are left to follow a so called male superior.

Social pressures often times lead to the connections of violence against women in public and in domestic life. The social pressures can even seem small like small gestures of domination over women. These small things could be the appearance of women in advertisements or depictions of women on TV. Images against women also fit into this realm of thinking. Pornography and movies depict women as bonded objects. Women are often beaten, mutilated, and murdered. Most of the murders in movies and on TV are of women, and these seemingly "normal" shows only perpetuate the cycle of violence towards women.

Most importantly, women throughout the world are given less opportunity for education. Many women never attend a school and if they do it is only for a few years. I believe that with all issues in the world today, by educating women, the violence could be dealt with. Uneducated people of any race, gender, or sex are going to believe what they are told since often times they have not been taught how to think for themselves.

The relationship between gender and violence is a long standing historical tradition that goes back to the start of the idea of a male god. By having the creator of the world be male, and the dominating religions of the world being lead by a male god, women are somehow placed a lower pedestal. The historical dominance of men over women, in my opinion will only completely cease when people agree that the thought of a god is neither male nor female and all traits of all sexes are represented within the superior power.