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extra credit #2

I think the fact that this legislation passed is a big step for our country, but that we have a long way to go in terms of equal rights for everyone. Yes, it’s important that it’s now illegal to discriminate against people because of their sexual identity but it’s also important to make sure that this new law applies to all people, including transexual and transgender individuals. One of the founding values of the United States is that all (wo)men are created equally and that every individual has certain inalienable rights.
It’s a great step that business are no longer allowed to discriminate against people because of their sexual identity, whether it be heterosexualism or homosexualism, but if a new law completely excludes another group of people..is it really that much progress? It’s absolutely ridiculous that people could be turned away from openings in the workforce because of their sexual or gender preference, which is a part of their personal identity. This has nothing to do with the way they perform their job, and therefore should not be taken into account. when being interviewed for the job. It seems that if America is as advanced as it’s supposed to be, this law should have been passed a long time ago. Nancy Pelosi said that ‘small and difficult steps’ are the way to civil rights, and I understand this, but it seems that the steps our country is taking are much too small.