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December 12, 2007


Usually, in the artistic world, your culture and race determine what kind of art you present. For example, the black race has developed Hip Hop from their roots of the beat and from the oppression they have faced. Hip Hop holds roots in the traditional storytelling and has taken form as a way to express the oppression they have faced in America. Also, Hip Hop has transcended through the United States to countries in Europe and in Latin America.
Taking Hip Hop as an exampke, it is easy to see how gender and sexuality play out. To be included and taken seriously women have to make themselves more masculine and be able to prove themselves on that male level. The other option is to sexualize themselves completely as sexy women that rap. Usually the poor, blackfolks make up the Hip Hop world in their struggle for equality ad respect.


The relationship between global violence and domestic violence is clear. As wars are waged and citizens become slaves to their government, men need to retain a feeling of dominance and in turn take it out on their women at home. They cannot hold more dominance and power than what is presented to them at home, so they take that power to the extreme and it turns into violence. When men see that they are losing power in their wholistic realities --in the work place or among other men, they turn to their female counterparts at home. Also, abuse faced as children will come thorugh in a repetative pattern as adults. If men are abused as children they will inturn abuse as adults.

December 5, 2007

disscussion questions

What are the double standard for men and women? Which ones are good or bad for women and men? Why do men get the freedom to be sexual while women can not have that freedom?

December 4, 2007

Week 14

Just like the media, in what other areas is gender and sexuality visible? What effects do they have in the society?

discussion question-December 5

Pretend that you were walking down the street and noticed that a woman your age was wearing a revealing out fit. How would you feel towards that?
What if you were that woman?

December 3, 2007

Discussion Question for 12/5/07

Is a woman's sexuality and gender more visible in the media in a negative or more positive sense?

Why is it that more women are exploited visibly in movies versus the men?