September 23, 2007

What I learned

I learned that gender is described as woman and man and that sex is described by female and male. I also learned that binary thinking makes it harder for people to understand transexuals and transgenders.

September 22, 2007

What I Learned

I learned the differences between gender, sex, and sexuality. I also learned chinese symbols for gender and how they relate to their culture.

September 20, 2007

What I Learned

In Wednesday's class it was very interesting to learn what terms were appropriate to use when talking about sex and gender respectively. Many people use the words man and male and woman and female interchangeably, but it was helpful to know that the terms male and female are used for sex, and man and woman for gender.

What I learned.

I learned that you can identify your own gender by what your respective culture defines as gender. For example, if your culture is simliar to that of the American 1950's culture, where men work and bring home the money and women take care of the family and home; if you are a female by sex and you work the farm and wear the slacks you can identify as male gendered of omnigendered if you fill both roles of fieldworker and homemaker. Concluding from this, gender can be nothing other than a role.

What I have learned today...

What I have learned today is how to define yourself as a person not just based on your "sex".
I found very interesting how xu mei analyzed gender and sex in Chinese. Not just because I know how to read Chinese alphabet, but because that's how we would write in Korea also, and that really made sence to me. The Sex is just male, and female. The Gender is how you become "Person".

September 19, 2007

What I learned today

Today I learned the difference between a transexual and a transvestite. I think this is important because often people do not know the specific differences or even that there are differences and catagorize these people together.

What I learned in class?

Today that I learned that the gender norms are really what you think of them, it can be society's idea of them, but not necessarily. Everyone has their own perceptions of what the norms for male and female are. I also learned that people are forced to identify themselves as a male or a female, like on applications, even though they are transgender.

Today's discussion

I learned that gender is truly how you define yourself as a person. It can have nothing to do with sex, but binary thinking makes this difficult to comprehend and accept.

What I Learned Today!!

Today in class I was caught off guard by the short discussion we had of the differences between the following terms; transgender, transexual, and transvestite. Although this topic was not one of the main points in today's discussion, I was very interested and frustrated in the fact that I was not entirely aware of the different meanings.