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week 13 questions

1) Globalization, a term found in several of our GWSS readings, is thought to diminish regional diversity and lead to a homogenized world culture. This is viewed as being a negative aspect of globalization, but is it really? Why or why not?
2) Why do females seem to feel the reprocutions of stardom more prominently than males (ie fall prey to eating disorders more frequently, more vulnerable to social criticisms about appearance, etc.)?
3) Why, even in the modern society of today (era of globalization), do women still conform to typical female stereotypes -- with a particular emphasis on the influential, “public� female role models – when they have the potential to change the criteria of what is socially acceptable in regard to female behavior? Do they want to continue to be sexualized within society? Also, why is it that for a women to be successful within the entertainment industry they have to meet public expectations of beauty (ie sexualization).