November 1, 2007

Learning 2.0

I think what I have learned about new technology in Library 2.0 will prove useful to me in the future because new technology will definitely effect the future of libraries. In the article "Away from Icebergs" Rick Anderson points out 3 changes that librariees need to make. He stated that libraries need to have digital collections, blogs, podcasts etc. available for users and that libraries need to switch to user-centric service, which means services that patrons can use with no training both in the library and at home. He stated that this is all necessary because libraries will no longer have a monopoly on the supply of inforamtion available to patrons. Even though I work in a library and am in a library every day, the way that I retrieve information has changed. Now I start out by looking on the www. That may lead be back to the library to get more in-depth information, but I start out where it is easiest to get a lot of information fast. Chip Nilges states in "To more powerful ways to cooperate" that cooperation is the key factor to keeping libraries essential. This includes such changes as opening WorldCat to anyone with a web browser.