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October 29, 2007


I created an account and added 5 books to my account.
A very interesting site.

Image generators

This is the image I created. I used the FD Toys link to get to the following link

Blog about Technology

Time is the main factor here. I've learned lots of new interesting things, and I now have some familiarity with terminology that before left me in the dark as to what someone was talking about. It's also been a help in my ICL classes to be familiar with these terms because students do use them in class or in their assignments. At this time I don't feel that I have time in my schedule to donate to keeping up with these new lines of communication and creativity. However, I can remember when my son first started text messaging me on my cell phone. It was a new way of communicating for me and I thought I would not use it that much. Now--text messaging on my cell phone has become a part of my daily life--and it's great because I find out the little day-to-day things my family does, even though we are miles apart. So, if the need should arise or someone else started using it to communicate with me, I would find that some of these technologies that I've learned about would fit into my schedule.

October 28, 2007

Fun with Flickr

I checked out putting graphics on photos (stars, dots, swirls, etc.)--could be fun for the right occasion. I looked at making online labels and photo books. Creating screensavers with my own photos interested me and I also liked motion graphics (e.g. Whitney music box - I looked at Librarian Trading Cards, too.
I looked at Google's Picasa, which would be a great way to organize, edit and add effects, and share photos. At this time, I am not taking a lot of photos, so it's not something I'm interested in spending time doing. My children do on occasion send me photos and this would be a great way of organizing them--when I have the time.
It's interesting taking a look at all the photos online--but then after I'd looked for a while--on a variety of subjects--it reminded me of when people would show 35mm slide shows--fun for them--got boring for those forced to sit and look at someone else's many, many photos. But today when I got tired of looking--I just clicked it off!

October 25, 2007

I have used Flickr before and it has been a fun way for family and friends to quickly share photos with me. I also used Flickr to add images to :

Cat Alarm Clock

I've never explored You Tube before--it's quite interesting--definitely entertaining. I chose to search for cat videos and there were a lot of them--the ones I saw were all funny things that cats do.

Entertaining--and true.


I looked at and Minnesota Public Radio's Speedcast. I decided to add MPR's Speedcast to my Blogline.


I set up a Blogline account and selected a few feeds, including UMD Library Learning 2.0, the Library Memo, and Unshelved.


We explored using Jabber for Instant Messaging.

Instant Messaging

I learned about Instant messaging while doing the Library's Learning 2.0 exercise.


I created a Facebook account for the Library's Learning 2.0 exercise.

Learning 2.0 Blog

This is an assignment for the Library's Learning 2.0 assignment. I am creating a blog on U Think.