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I know this does not occur just in the twin cities, but is a social design issue that continually affects the public without them even realizing it. It is the design of drug representatives catering huge gourmet lunches to doctors and all of their staff. The drug representatives do this in order to get an opportunity (such as lunchtime) to talk to the doctors about why they should choose their drug. This does make sense for a business decision, but it looks too much like bribery to me. You know how doctors push for drugs before the think of other alternative treatments. The whole time they do this they are thinking about the pressure these drug reps are going to put on them as well as the pressure of the office for that gourmet fettuccini. While the doctors and the staff enjoy the gesture, it unfortunately allows the drug companies to have way too much power over how the medical industry is run. It allows them to continue to raise their prices knowing the doctors will loyally continue to thrust their drugs at their patients, without giving a mention of any generic cheaper brands. There are people who absolutely need these drugs and are forced to pay these high prices. Once this money is received from these innocent people the money is spent to lavish those that are already well off, not to mention vacations and BMWs for those that work for these companies. It makes me sick and I hope to God that we will get a president that believes in universal health care. The reason that I chose this issue is because I have friends who are nurses or receptionists in doctors’ offices and they naively love these catered lunches without realizing the vicious cycle they take a part in. What I have done to be a de-activist about this issue is share my feelings about it with my friends when they talk about these lunches.