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To be Released

I would join NPO rebuilding and/or design teams that are helping rebuild the South due to Hurricane Katrina.
I could volunteer for companies or organizations that do historical building renovations. And do research on renovations that would be more sustainable to the environment and share this information with my boss in hopes that it will impact their process.
I could also volunteer at a landscape architecture firm and do research on ways to prevent the cutting of trees when doing new building projects. I would once again bring this research to my boss and hope the take it into account. This OBVIOUSLY depends on the company I would be volunteering for.

I would do paintings that illustrated how unrealistically beautiful the world was 8 billion years ago, before human inhabitance. I would possibly do paintings of what the environment is now to see the contrast. I would then sell these paintings for thousands of dollars and donate that money to wildlife conservation organizations.
carboniferous forest.jpg

I would plant gardens for people in patterns and symbols, as art pieces, and would charge them and donate the money to tree building organizations or a flower/plant conservation organization.

Even though I absolutely love me a steak, I would quit eating red meat sue to its high concentration of harmful synthetic hormones. To actually make an impact I would have to take it one step further and organize a boycott and hope it will affect red meat production. Or I could lobby in Congress to get them to pass stricter hormone concentration laws.
Red meattttt.jpg

I have thought about actually going into biology so that if I were to lobby in Congress there would be some merit behind my arguments. This would increase my chance of impacting Congress members.

This may not be lyrically in the terms of a song, but I would write to chemical companies and explain scientifically how their chemicals are ruining many ecosystems. I would also write Congress to push them to test more, if not all, chemicals before they are put into the market as well as the environment.
This idea may overlap an artistic action as well as lyrical one. I would “graffiti� quotes around the city on who and how many people are suffering due to contamination of many aspects of the environment, especially water.