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Regretful Lack of Wonder

A framework that is within the built environment that detracts from who I am is the units of time such as seconds, minutes, hours, and days, that have been set up by man. So many activities could be continued on for what we now consider a day, but nobody ever thinks about that because our world is too fast paced. To be quite honest one of my favorite things to do, or one of the most enjoyable things to do is to just be. To let go of time and whatever your current responsibilites are and let your mind relax and wonder where ever IT wants to go, not where it is constantly told where to go. Its just time you can reflect on everything. I feel I have such a lack of reflection time. That I am just doing and not being able to pull the true meaning out of everthing I have been experiecing. I will look back and hope to find my own meaning out of it then but it is never the same as realizing it all as it is happening to you. I enjoy being productive though, but I just don’t really know if I consider it all productive if I am just doing it all as a means to an end.
You might be able to consider a school year it’s own phenomena because it is a cycle of something that has a distinct period of time. What goes on in this phenomena depends on a framework such as time. Well actually I believe time more so would be considered a clockwork- “clockworks are frameworks in which fixed numbers of things that start with a given set of mutual relationships? (clockwork lecture) . So the things would be the units such as hours, minutes, and seconds which all are a set that have mutual relationships.
And really, not to be so negative, I honestly do feel units of time help support who I am. If there were not units of time I would not push myself to be as “productive? as I am. I would not push myself to learn as much as I have learned. If there was no conception of time I would probably do more physically active things than intellectually active things, so this way I work my brain out to what I hope is its full potential.