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entry for 04.15.08 volunteering

This day was very warm and very windy, which may have been why the girl I tutor, Mayronny, did not show up. It is one on one tutoring so if a kid or a tutor does not show up they pair you with someone else who is "unemployed." On this day they paired me up with a 3rd grade girl Meonka. So Mayronny is normally quite a quiet contained girl so it was quite a difference to work with Meonka. She was A BALL OF ENERGY! She was going from reading, to drawing, to puzzles, to the computer lab, to the gym and then to the game room. During this all she lost her 2nd tooth which she was not happy about. Meonka is quite out spoken and does what she wants without care, but I could truely tell that she enjoyed the time that we spent together. I truely love the one on one aspect of this program. And while I was sad not to have worked with Mayronny that day, I feel lucky to meet and get to know the other kids there too.