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Meonka n Me

I worked worked with Meonka today. She talked a lot about how bored she was with everything today, and come to think of it last time as well. I tried getting her to figure out why, like maybe that she didn't get it or that maybe it was all too easy. She then gave in and told me she liked school, but still not knowing which was true. It could be both. Meonka is quite blunt so I caught myself repremanding maybe more often than I should. I also tried explaining to her the more she pays attention in school now, the easier it will be for her in the future. Oh I was Meonka's tutor today because her tutor Genny and my tutee Mayronny were not there. It definitely was the brightest part of my day to spend my time thinking about someone else and not thinking about all the end of semester stress. Still realizing how enjoyable the simple things in life are. She also told me she hung up the picture i drew her in her locker which made me smile.