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By the way these are all Tuesdays. I volunteer everyweek on Tues from 6:30 - 8:30

Jan 15th
This was the day I was introduced to my girl I tutor Mayronny. Last semester when I had worked with Homework and Hoops I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to be a tutor because they had an overflow of volunteers in the fall. I had been science coordinator, which had somewhat interaction with the kids, but not much to feel I made an impact. So I was quite excited to go to the yellow table I was assigned to meet whoever I was working with. Mayronny is a 3rd grader, whose is from Mexico. She has many cousins here though, such as Melissa who is also at our table.

Jan 22nd
This day Melissa’s tutor was not there so I helped both Mayronny and Melissa. Mayronny was working on cursive handwriting and Melissa was reading. I think I may have payed more attention to Melissa because I was listening to her read. At recreation time we played pool, which was cute to watch Mayronny play! She was actually quite good.

Jan 29th
This day I worked with both Mayronny and Melissa again. It was even more difficult this time because they were both reading which I had to continuously go back and forth. I was hoping they would just keep reading, but one would stop when I went to the other. I believe we played carpet ball that day which is like small scale bowling with pool balls.

Feb 5th
This day I worked with Mayronny on her math. I love math and was excited to try to teach what I know. It is much more difficult than I thought, but I did teach her the finger trick when multiplying with 9. She didn’t get it right away, but when I reminded her at a future date, she totally remembered how to use it. Instead of recreation time they had the store in which the kids are able to buy things with the points they earn for doing what they are supposed to. They also get extra points if they fill out reading or other subject vouchers. Mayronny had saved her points from that previous fall so she had a lot to work with. She got these Brat doll things that she could switch their outfits.

Feb 12th
Today we read and did correlating worksheets for it. I taught her that if you read all the questions first it is easier to pick out what you need out of the story. As we went through and read I asked her if she knew what things were, such a squirrel, which she did not until I drew it. It is so exciting to be able to teach little things like that.

Feb 19th
I did not stay this day because there were more tutors than kids, which is a good thing for the kids that there were more than enough. Also good for me because I had a calc test that needed much studying.

March 4th
Mayronny was not there today so I was paired up with a 4th grader named Nayelly. We worked on math for awhile and then read. She speaks Spanish as well so we chose books that had Spanish as well as English so I could help her with English and she could help me with Spanish. So we switched off reading each part as I attempted to translate what I thought it said in Spanish. For recreation we went to the gym and they played ships across the ocean. I was not feeling so active that day and just watched.

March 11th
Some of us again left because our tutees were not there and there were more tutors than kids. I had a drawing to work on I remember so I was once again thankful for the extra time even though I was disappointed not to see Mayronny.

March 25th
Mayronny was not here on this day either. I believe she had been there the previous week when I was not. Her cousin Melissa told me she goes with her family some place, which is why she probably wasn’t there. Anyways, I was paired up with a 2nd grade boy named Uriel. Working with an energetic boy was quite a different story compared to calm sweet Mayronny. We did some geometric puzzles and then played addition bingo. For recreation time we played this gigantor foam-q-tip game that had the same rules as hockey. It was so fun to be active and play like a kid again. We only played for a little bit because it was store day in which they could spend the points they have earned. Uriel’s older brother kept coming over to talk Uriel into using his points on him. I told him that he did not have to. I tried suggesting getting earrings for his mom but he decided on some cars instead.

April 8th

April 15th
For these last dates here I attempted to go through my syllabuses to see if it would trigger what we did these two days, but I cannot remember. I will resubmit those dates if it comes back to me.