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May 24, 2007

I dug my hole to the other side of the world and ended up in China!

2 clues you've hopped on the wrong subway in Japan:
1) there is zero english on the subway going to the airport when it was bilingual when you arrived
2) dude with the suitcase didn't get on the same subway you did at the transfer stop

luckily the subway went about 5 stops and then reversed direction or I woulda kept on riding thinking i was headed for the airport but ended up at Mt Fuji! Time got a little crunched but I made it to my plane without much time to spare.

Kirsten and I wandered all over Beijing yesterday-I'd never had people stop and take pictures of us before, but apparently we kinda stick out in the crowd!

Off to the Great Wall!!

May 19, 2007


Tokyo is AMAZING!! im stayin right close to shrines and sumo central-theres a tourney goin on right now so im gettin up early to get tickets for tomorrow. im super pumped! i got my pic taken with a sumo today! i spent the afternoon at the Ginza which is a hoppin shopping area with real nice stores (Prada, Armani, Tiffanys, etc) so i (window) shopped up a storm :)

ps- 'doko' has become my most favorite word. it means 'Where?'

May 16, 2007

T-minus 12!

hello hello!

I'm sittin at about T minus 12 hours until I leave! Woohoo! Still have yet to pack, but otherwise I'm ready for liftoff. I'll be keepin an update of my travels via this blog, so check often! Hopefully I can get some pics goin, but we'll see how that goes.