April 29, 2007

Berlin is bringing sexy back

Summary: Berlin is the next “hip and sexy� place to live with rising real estate and condos popping up left and right. Old Mills and Prisons are being renovated into apartment complexes. The city has a great night life, life crime rate and a reliable public transportation system.

Challenge: The reporter has a challenging job with dealing with numbers in a nut-graph ex. Commercial, industrial and residential sales revenue jumped 58% from 2005 to 2006, from $12 billion to $19 billion. The number of property purchasing contracts rose from 18,000 in 2004 to 27,000 last year.

Comparison: The Los Angeles Times reported that a “four-room flat offered by Herbert and Kohlmeyer for more than $335 per square foot in 2006 is likely to get $418 per square foot this year.�

Opinion: this was a successful story. The information was relevant and newsworthy. The reporter did a nice job stating the change that is happeing by focusing on where Berlin was and where it is going.

Ultimate Fighting

Summary: The sport of ultimate fighting failed in an attempt to be sanctioned under the Minnesota Boxing Commission. It was not sanctioned because the commissioner does not know enough about ultimate fighting to properly regulate it.

Challenge: There was no information about the other states that sanctioned ultimate fighting. The article made mention that it was sanctioned under 22 states.

Comparison: The Star & Tribune reported that “Biting, head butting, poking eyes and punching spines, groins or kidneys are not allowed in ultimate fighting… most everything else --including punching a downed fighter in the head -- goes.�

Opinion: This was an unsuccessful article because it had no focus. It never went into detail the problems that could arise from sanctioning ultimate fighting in Minnesota. The article just said that it was very dangerous.


Summary: The Vikings picked former Oklahoma star Adrian Peterson to add some explosiveness in their offense. There are a lot of questions arising on how Vikings Coach Brad Childress plans to share the back field with Vikings Back Chester Taylor.

Comparison: The St. Paul Pioneer Press’s article focused greatly on what Peterson will do to help out the Minnesota’s struggling offence. The St. Paul Pioneer Press focused on the past injuries of Peterson and whether or not he will ready for this summer training camp.

Challenge: The reporter did not use any direct quotes from Peterson or Taylor

Opinion: both articles were successful in their own way. Each story had separate focuses that they accomplished informing.

Moss traded to Patriots

Summary: Former Minnesota and Oakland WR Randy Moss was traded to the New England Patriots for an Oakland fourth round draft pick.

Comparison: the USA Today interviewed Randy Moss on Sunday and when asked about Moss’s reconstruction of his contract Moss replied, "’ve made a lot of money, and I still have money in the bank, so by me coming to an organization like the New England Patriots, why would money be a factor? I know I have to get paid something, but to have the numbers that I was going to receive, I knew something had to be done with my contract, and I didn’t have a problem with it."

Challenge: The article both from ESPN.com and the Star & Tribune do not mention trade that took place. It seems that Oakland got the short end of the of the trade in giving up Moss in place for the 110th draft pick.

Opinion: This was a successful article. The reporter did a good job with Moss’s interview and finding humorous quotes that could be used.


Summary: A gunman kills bystanders and himself in a Kansas City shopping mall Sunday afternoon.

The violence started when police went to check on a woman who was reported missing by her relatives. Police went to check on her but they found her dead and her car missing. A police man spotted the missing car and when pulled over the police man was shot in the arm. The driver drove to a Kansas City shopping center and killed and injured four people before taking his own life.

Challenge: The reporter did not release any of the names of the people involved in the incident.

Comparison: Both the Star & Tribune and the USA Today are using the Associated Press’s story

Opinion: This was a successful story. It gave all of the essential facts of the events that took place Sunday afternoon.

April 22, 2007

Death in the East

Summary. Three Pakistani soldiers died Friday by Israeli troops. Hamas leader calls for “all possible means of resistance against Israel� Sunday ended was the most violent for Pakistani’s and Israelis in weeks

Challenge: The reporter had a challenge in stating the specifics about the deaths of soldiers. The reporter used vague terms of describing the exact amount of deaths in a specific time frame.

Comparison: The Associated Press reported that “Ghazi Hamad, spokesman for Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas,� said “the government "condemns the ugly massacres."

Opinion: This is a successful article, it reports on a newsworthy event. The report fell short on communicating specifics on the deaths of the soldiers.

light rail

Summary: The state must cut $200 million in order for the light rail to go from Minneapolis to St. Paul. The plans deal with having light rail go down Washington Ave. on the University campus and run to the St. Paul Campus. One thing that will is indefinite that the light rail will run down on University Ave. on campus. Legislators are very serious about revamping the area around University Ave. and make it attractive so light rail riders will have the urge to get out and walk around.

Comparison: The Star & Tribune reports that “doing without the tunnel under Washington Avenue at the U could save about $155 million. But it would also put trains on Washington Avenue, which is already crowded with 25,000 vehicles per day, said Bob Baker, executive director of U parking and transportation services.�

Challenge: The reporter faced a challenge dealing with numbers. The reporter handled it well. The flow was good and easy to follow.

Opinion: This was a successful story it was very newsworthy. The article focused on all possible ways to save money and focused on plans that are for certain.

Vikings Preview

Summary: The Vikings need credible receivers. The only credible receiver Minnosota has is Troy Williamson and he is known for all of the wrong reasons. There are 3 other rookie receiver who are all battling for the last spots, including Div. III high jumper Todd Lowbe.

Comparison: The Star & Tribune had an article describing what the Vikings must do in terms draft choices. The article describes options the Viking have. It lists the team’s short comings and describes the team’s strong points. The St. Paul pioneer press ran a similar pre-draft story describing how the point system works the former Dallas coach, Jimmy Johnson Invented. The article then goes on to say the point system is not in favor of Minnesota.

Challenge: The only challenge that was relevant in the St. Paul Pioneer Press article was whether or not it was news worthy or after reading the story I did not take much valuable information from it

Opinion: The St. Paul Pioneer Pres story was unsuccessful because it was not newsworthy. The Star & Tribune story was news worthy it brought some interesting points and ideas to the 2007 Viking season.

Feeling Fat?

Summary; there is growing anxiety about Trans fat. Recently all bakeries switched from using partially hydrometer butters and margarines to butter. Now people are worrying about butter because there are traces of the natural occurring kind of Trans fat. All Starbucks are requiring the bakeries that make their pastries switch to Trans fat free oil. Bakers across the country are becoming upset because they feel that butter contains so little trans fat that is not worth worrying about and it changes the final outcome of the baked good negatively.

Comparison: The New York Times reported that “trans fat is the kind that New York City health officials decided to ban from restaurants, citing health studies that show that even a couple of grams of it a day can significantly increase the chance of a heart attack.�

Challenge: The reporter did a good job using quotes effectively from public health officials. It appears that the reporter did not face any challenges.

Opinion. This was a successful article. The mater of the story was very news worthy. He covered all sides of the story and used sources effectively.

New York Auto Show

Summary the New York Auto Show is taking place at the New York convention center. This year not only new cars were on display but also historic cars including the very first electric car. The most popular type of automobile this year is the cross over. The newest cross over is the Ford Flex. Dodge, Ford and Mercedes all unveiled new models that are getting a very positive reviews.

Challenge: Te reporter faced a huge challenge choosing what manufactures to cover in the story and which ones to leave out. The reporter did not disclose why these specific cars were mentioned while others were left out.

Comparison: The New York Times reported Ford unveiled the Ford Funk Masterflex edition named after hip-hop star Funk Masterflex.

Opinion: This was a unsuccessful story the author did not talk about the auto show, rather he talked about specific cars that might are new to a manufactures line up or cars that were re-modeled. There was no description of which cars where the most popular by the people or how big the show is.

April 10, 2007

What makes a super Athlete?

Summary: The question of what makes a super athlete is always an interesting question. Why are women in Korea six times more likely to become professional golfers than women in the U.S? Why is the Domican Republic such a breeding groun

Challenge: The author faces a challenge when deciding how technical the terminology he should use. He did a good job making sure the everyday American can read it.

Comparison: The New York Times ran this story. It was very lengthy (8 pages) it was a blend of a sports and scientific article. The main point of the article is about whether a chemical produced by the brain called myelin is responsible for making super athletes. Myelin is in charge of the motor reflexes of the brain. People with higher amounts of mylelin are more likely to succeed in learning new talents than others.

Opion: This was a successful artcile. It brought up new infrmation in the fitness and health world. The story was written well and it focused not only tennis but on figure skating hockey ect.

Female Viagra?

Summary: There are breakthroughs happening in the medical world in terms of female Viagra. There has been an unsuccessful past coming up with a female sexual stimulant. There are now a few female sexual stimulants that will appear on the market. The latest one is called Bremelanotide. It is currently going through clinical testing.

Comparison: The New York Times reported “73 percent of the women on Bremelanotide reported feeling genitally aroused.�

Challenge: The author used humor in this article. It was fitting because it’s a sensitive subject. It worked well in the beginning of the article to “Break the ice.�

Opinion: This was a successful article in the breakthroughs of the medical world as far as this subject matter is concerned.


Summary: Iraq – A large protest of Shiites broke out in Najafde demanding that the U.S. Pull out of Iraq. U.S. Officials said they didn’t agree with the message but they did agree how they’re practicing free speech

Challenge: The reporter has a challenge of bias in this story. There is a lot of the anti American Iraq war speech going around but the reporter did a nice making it so it was not an issue in this story

Comparison: The New York Times reported that a suicide car bomb killed three civilians and wounded four others on Sunday night.

Opinion: This was a successful story. It was interesting because the Iraqi’s are practicing their democracy. The story is long and in depth. It gives the readers a broad overview of everything else that is happening in Iraq.

Wolves out

Summary: The Wolves were mathematically eliminated out of the playoffs. Golden State’s win over Utah finalized the wolves being eliminated. This moved the Warriors to the top 8 eliminating the Clippers and the Wolves. The wolves have 5 more games remaining in their season the best they can finish is 27-45.

Comparison: The Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press both published very short stories about the Wolves elimination of the playoffs. The Star Tribune gave a breakdown at the end of story describing the options for the wolves for the remainder of the season. The St. Paul Pioneer Press only gave a short summary of the Wolves playoff elimination.

Challenge: This story was very similar to the Twins ball park story in terms of having no quotes from players or coaches. This would have been wise to get the opinion of the head coach of what he sets out to do for the rest of the season.

Opinion: This story was unsuccessful. It was very thin as far of the facts that were presented because it did not give any possibilities the Wolves have to improve for next season.

More Snow

Summary: Southwest Minnesota is expected to receive 7 inches of snow by Wednesday. In some parts of Madison ,WI, there are reports of 2 inches of snow. The National Weather Service is predicting 5 inches of snow for tomorrow morning’s rush hour.

Challenge: The reporter faces a challenge on deciding whether or not to provide background information why Minnesota is getting snow in April.

Comparison: The Star Tribune reported that KLQP radio in Madison, measured 1.5 to 2 inches of snow in several locations in the radio station's yard just after 11 a.m.

Opinion: This was a successful story. The reporter kept it short and told the reader what happened where it happened and when it happened.