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Berlin is bringing sexy back

Summary: Berlin is the next “hip and sexy? place to live with rising real estate and condos popping up left and right. Old Mills and Prisons are being renovated into apartment complexes. The city has a great night life, life crime rate and a reliable public transportation system.

Challenge: The reporter has a challenging job with dealing with numbers in a nut-graph ex. Commercial, industrial and residential sales revenue jumped 58% from 2005 to 2006, from $12 billion to $19 billion. The number of property purchasing contracts rose from 18,000 in 2004 to 27,000 last year.

Comparison: The Los Angeles Times reported that a “four-room flat offered by Herbert and Kohlmeyer for more than $335 per square foot in 2006 is likely to get $418 per square foot this year.?

Opinion: this was a successful story. The information was relevant and newsworthy. The reporter did a nice job stating the change that is happeing by focusing on where Berlin was and where it is going.