March 25, 2007


Summary: Gasoline tax could rise in the next year. There is a proposed 10 cent gasoline tax that is going thought the state Legislature. Gas tax could raise from 20 cents a gallon all the way up to 40 cents a gallon over the next 10 years. Currently the Minnesota borrows $200 million a year. It is a $1.2 billion bill that is waiting to be passed. the bill also includes many levies, some of them being higher registration fees renewal fees. A half cent rise in seven country's surrounding Minneapolis..

Comparison: Star Tribune reported this bill could add more than a $1,000 in family's taxes.

Challenge: The reporter did a good job with using numbers. He used the more than less than technique when describing number as opposed to printing the specific large number which can be distracting for the reader

Opinion: This was a successful story. The reporter did a good job reporting numbers. The reporter had quotes of people who were for and against gas bill, this made the story non-biased.