November 25, 2008

The Jam Band Tradtition

The jam band musical tradition is one that is based on a lot of social and performance practices instead of other genres that focus on the musical style and practices. Because of these lax guidelines for the music that should be played there are many different sounds that come from bands under the broad umbrella of jam bands. Many sub-genres come from this, for instance the sub-genre of ‚Äúlivetronica‚Ä?. Because of these newer and smaller, genres, soon all that is shared between some bands are the performance practices of the jam band tradition: long sets along with stints of improvisation from all members of the band, and even the recordings of the live performances some think as mandatory. The text below discusses these and more topics surrounding the jam band tradition, along with the new sub-genre of ‚Äúlivetronica‚Ä?.

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