Old School vs. New school

It is funny how we get sick of one clothing style and then 10 years later the same leggings that we once despised become our main fashion staple. I swore I would never wear plaid or neon ever again but those items just seem to have snuck right back into my closet without a lot of hesitation. Something's different this time around however...this time that same fashions that are popular for me are all the rage for 2, 10 and 16 year-olds. Nowadays children seem to grow up SO fast not only in their actions and accessibility, but in their clothing choice as well. At the same time we also have a society of adults who are so obsessed with looking young that they wear the same clothes as their children. We live in a society where everyone wants something they don't have, the old want to be young and the young want to be old. What happened to growing up and getting to wear make-up or finally getting to wear that mini skirt your mom promised you could wear when you turned 16...8 year old girls look like their 14 and 14 year-olds look like their 18. I am not saying I am perfect and don't fall into this category because I definitely pushed the envelope for wearing make-up and tight jeans but I think some things should be saved for a right of passage. The kids I teach have Coach, Juicy Couture, Ed Hardy and True Religion jeans, purses, shoes, shirts and sunglasses. I did not get my first pair of designer jeans until college! This dynamic is interesting...why is it that we always want something we can't have...to only fit into those size 2 jeans again. I think clothing in general defines generations. The eighties, punk rock...think Madonna, the nineties, grunge...lots of flannel, baggy pant, combat boots as we reach the 2000's there is not a clear style but a style that works for all ages....and this is where my argument comes in. There are not clear cut "older" women styles and toddlers can wear the same leggings and flats just like 21 year-olds. The young are getting older and the older are getting younger. $200 UGG's can be worn by babies and grannies. I think in general people are wearing their money and fitting into something that masks who they really are. The 40 year-old puts on her low cut Ed Hardy tank and walks down the street next to the 12 year old in the same shirt.

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