Rich, hot, successful, and....oh.... a Vampire!

I want to suck your....BLOOD! The contemporary fascination and near obsession with vampires comes to us with a strong sexual overtone. Not only are hunky male leads posing as mysterious and erotic vampires, the female leads in which they suck blood from are just as mouthwatering. So why not lust for a vampire...their passion seems to exceed that of any human and as the Newsweek article points out, Vampire sex must be the best. The tiny nibble that Dracula took in the late 1800's has turned into sexual fantasy's men and women desire through the big screen and from the comfort of their homes. For modern women the vampire can be seen as the romantic hero, a fictional character that can give them what they want in a dangerous sort of way. This idea of wanting something with a bit of danger releases them from the normalcy of what is their life while at the same time still allows them to be socially accepted because its Vampires and everyone is doing it! Women of all ages are reading Twilight and tooning  in on Sunday nights for TrueBlood, it's all ages that feel this infatuation...for the tweens Vampires take them to a forbidden world where sexuality runs wild, for the women in their 20's and 30's the Vampire shows them what they can have and helps them to explore their sexuality...a sort of sexual liberation if you will, and for women in their 40's and beyond the racy sexual escapades of the vampires they see on TV reminds them of what they once had and quite possibly hope to keep exploring. The fascination with Vampires also ties in nicely with another topic that we have covered throughout the course...appearance. The vampire is an immortal figure who never ages; of course the vampire fits it! We live in a society obsessed with youth and this figure is our spokesperson! The eternal youth of the vampire fits in nicely with our modern society, the vampire might as well be the face of, appealing and most of all youthful! This figure reaches society more so than previous decades because of the changes we have seen in the past 30 years. Sexuality is no longer a private matter and this obsession with youth allows the character of the vampire to connect with so many. Sex sells and so does the image of youth....thus so does the vampire....

Vampires through the years....

Early...not so hot


Evolving...more appealing




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