Analysis of Records 12/11

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I read an article linked through, about double dipping in NJ. The article used records about incomes from a variety of employees that worked for the state and were collecting pension checks from previous jobs.

The records used displayed salary, pension, and length of retirement. The reporter used these records to find out how much they were collecting from pension.

The use of computers needed for this article would be to organize a spreadsheet with the content of the investigation as well as find all the salaries and pensions from their employers.

Soldiers Coming Home

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Rosenblatt was a lawyer, deployed to Iraq to deal with a case there, CNN said.

Rosenblatt left his 15 month old daughter and wife of almost 5 years at home for nearly 12 months when he was sent to Iraq, CNN said.

Rosenblatt returned home early after suffering from some hearing loss in a rocket attack, CNN said.

Military Detainee, Ali Musa Daqduq, is waiting to find out where his trial will be held, New York Times said.

With troops being pulled from Iraq, Daqduq's future is left uncertain, New York Times said.

Joe Mauer Engaged

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Minnesota Twins catcher, Joe Mauer, popped the question to his girlfriend of 1 1/2 years, Star Tribune said.

The two have been friends for seven years, Star Tribune said.

Mauer proposed to Maddie Bisanz, St. Paul nurse, in Sanibel, Fla. over the weekend, Pioneer Press said.

They both graduated from Cretin-Derham Hall, Pioneer Press said.

No date has been set, Star Tribune said.

St. Paul Ford Plant Land

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The Ford plant in St. Paul will be closed in December after being open since 1924, Pioneer Press said.

Shortly after the plant closes 122 acres will be for sale. The city is undecided what to do with the land, Star Tribune said.

When the plant closes over 800 people will lose their job, Star Tribune said.

The city looked at other examples across the country of other car plants that have been closed, then turned into real estate land, Star Tribune said.

In other examples of closed car plants, the renovations took between 10-15 years to complete, Star Tribune said.

Occupy Boston Finished?

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The Occupy Boston protesters were evicted from Dewey Square Saturday morning, CNN said.

Police arrested 46 protesters during the eviction, New York Times said.

Superior Court Judge Frances A. McIntyre ruled Thursday that the Dewey Square must be reserved as a public place, CNN said.

The evacuation was peaceful except for damaging a few tents, New York Times said.

Protesters intend to continue the movement, New York Times said.

Homs Killings- Continued Tension in Syria

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The violence in Homs continues despite the governments threat to cease protests, CNN said.

Last week 36 dead bodies were dumped in the center of town in Homs, Syria, New York Times said.

Both parties are to blame for the incident, yet it is unknown who placed the bodies in the center of town, New York Times said.

Civilians live in terror of the violence occurring in their streets. Kidnappings and murders are happening at random. Many shop owners have temporarily closed out of fear of who will come into their shops, CNN said.

Herman Cain Suspends Campaign

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Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, announced Saturday the suspension of his campaign, Washington Post said.

Declaring a suspension has no legal terms. If he exited the race, he would have 60 days to cease his campaigning, New York Times said.

Cain's competitors vary on who they think will receive his votes in the Republican race, Washington Post said.

A recent poll in Iowa showed Newt Gingrich as the most likely to receive the majority of Cain's previous supporters, New York Times said.

Garrison Keillor Re-guesses Retirement

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Garrison Keillor, host of, "A Prairie Home Companion," might not retire in 2013 as previously planned, Pioneer Press said.

Keillor, 69, told the Sioux City Journal about his recent reconsideration of retirement, Star Tribune said.

Keillor had a minor stroke in 2009, Star Tribune said.

Keillor has been broadcasting PHC in St. Paul since 1993, Star Tribune said.

Man Found in Anoka County

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Since Oct. 11 Jeffrey Jacobus, 57, had been missing from Ham Lake, Pioneer Press said.

A man was found dead in Anoka County, wearing the same clothes as Jacobus when reported missing, Star Tribune said.

An autopsy will reveal cause of death and identify the body, Pioneer Press said.

The location the body was found has not been released, Star Tribune said.

Obama's Condolences to Pakistani President

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President Obama called the president of Pakistan to tell him the airstrike that resulted in the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers was unintentional, New York Times said.

The phone call did not contain an apology, New York Times said.

The two presidents agreed to keep in touch and maintain their bilateral relationship, CNN said.

The actual occurrences of the attack are unclear. Both sides present a different story, New York Times said.

Since the incident Pakistan has banned NATO supplies from passing through the country, CNN said.