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Homs Killings- Continued Tension in Syria

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The violence in Homs continues despite the governments threat to cease protests, CNN said.

Last week 36 dead bodies were dumped in the center of town in Homs, Syria, New York Times said.

Both parties are to blame for the incident, yet it is unknown who placed the bodies in the center of town, New York Times said.

Civilians live in terror of the violence occurring in their streets. Kidnappings and murders are happening at random. Many shop owners have temporarily closed out of fear of who will come into their shops, CNN said.

Syrian Struggles

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The tension between the people of Syria and the President Bashar al-Assad began in May, New York Times said.

Since the battle began 4,000 people have died, CNN said.

Thousands of protesters have been arrested over the months, CNN said. Over 12,000 people have fled their homes.

Several Human Rights Councils have been meeting to decide what actions to take in Syria to help the civilians, CNN said.

The attacks only seem to be getting worse, CNN said.

Cairo Protests

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"Down with military rule," is the chant that can be heard from the people of Cairo as their protests against the military for the upcoming election continue in the streets, CNN said.

Police covered the square the protesters occupied with tear gas. The protesters responded with violence, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at police and police vehicles, New York Times said.

Elections in Cairo are set to begin November 28, New York Times said.

The military wants to transfer power to a parliament and president, but the civilians do not like the current constitution proposals in regards to the military's budget under the new government, CNN said.

Second Turkey Earthquake

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A 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck Wednesday and killed 25 people in the same region of the larger earthquake two weeks ago, CNN said.

Twenty five buildings have collapsed from the earthquake. Some people whose homes were destroyed were living in hotels that collapsed, New York Times said.

Many buildings in Van, Turkey have been deemed unsafe to enter. People are reentering buildings though due to the dropping temperatures, New York Times said.

The 7.2-magnitude earthquake the hit Turkey Oct. 23 left 3,700 buildings uninhabitable, New York Times said.

Greece Referendum

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Greece will be voting Friday night to determine what actions to take in regards to their economic struggles after Prime Minister George Papandreou has decided a bailout was necessary , New York Times said.

This referendum also brings questions of will Papandreou's job remain, CNN said.

Many actions have been set in place to prevent Greece from needing a bailout. Papandreou's decision to press on with the referendum has lessened his support in Greece, CNN said.

Opposition leaders are encouraging Papandreou too resign from his position and allow the election process for a new leader to begin sooner, CNN said.

Kabul Suicide Bomber

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Five American troops and eight civilians were killed Saturday when a vehicle struck a military vehicle in Kabul traveling between bases, said CNN.

Taliban took responsibility for the bomb, and stated they used 1,500 pounds of explosives, said Washington Post.

This attack resulted in the highest number of deaths in one incident since August, said Washington Post.

As the U.S. plans pull troops from Afghanistan, Afghans try to strengthen their own security. The Taliban has been relentless in their attacks, though, said Washington Post.

Eastern Turkey Earthquake

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Eastern Turkey experienced a 7.2 earthquake Sunday afternoon, followed by 7 aftershocks within the hour, killing at least 59, said CNN.

Ercis and Van are the cities that received the most damage, including parts of hospitals, school dormitories, and apartment buildings, said New York Times.

Fifty nine have been reported dead, and 150 injured, said New York Times.

Israel has offered to help as much as possible as search and rescue continues after the earthquake, said CNN.

"We are estimating a death toll between 500 and 1,000," Mustafa Erdik said, head of the Kandilli observatory, said New York Times.

Yemen Violence over Presidency of Saleh

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Yemen shows no sign of a decrease in violence as the attacks and protests continue over President Ali Abdullah Saleh's refusal to step down from office after 33 years, said CNN.

A protest in the streets of Yemen resulted in five dead and 54 injured after security forces opened fire, said CNN.

The death toll due to attacks and protests in last month has escalated higher than its been in months, many of these deaths being Al Qaeda members. One of which included the son, 17, of an Al-Qaeda official, Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed last month, said New York Times.

Mr. Saleh is being strongly encouraged to step down immediately from office to bring peace to Yemen by Aaron Snipe, of the State Department's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, said CNN.

Amanda Knox Freed

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Amanda Knox was freed Tuesday from an Italian prison after four years when the Italian court discarded its previous verdict from 2009.

Knox, 24, is heading back to the United States after spending four years in an Italian prison after being charged for murder and sexual assualt of Meredith Kercher, her roommate.

Knox and her ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were being held without evidence, which is custom for Italian law, reported the New York Times. Knox and Sollecito were previously sentenced to 26- and 25-years in prison.

The Kercher family feels like they are starting all over again in the investigation of Meredith Kercher, reported CNN. Kercher was found dead, partly naked and bloody, in her apartment November 2007.

U.S. Embassy Shooting

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An American citizen was killed by an Afghan employee at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul Sunday night, reports New York Times.

The American victim was working for the U.S. government, said CNN, but they are unsure if victim was working for the CIA or another part of the Embassy.

Another American obtained minor injuries from the attack. The victim was taken to a military hospital.

All Embassy employees pass through security as they enter the building. It is unknown how the Afghan employee gained access to a weapon. The motive is still under investigation as well.

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