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Occupy Boston Finished?

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The Occupy Boston protesters were evicted from Dewey Square Saturday morning, CNN said.

Police arrested 46 protesters during the eviction, New York Times said.

Superior Court Judge Frances A. McIntyre ruled Thursday that the Dewey Square must be reserved as a public place, CNN said.

The evacuation was peaceful except for damaging a few tents, New York Times said.

Protesters intend to continue the movement, New York Times said.

Obama's Condolences to Pakistani President

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President Obama called the president of Pakistan to tell him the airstrike that resulted in the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers was unintentional, New York Times said.

The phone call did not contain an apology, New York Times said.

The two presidents agreed to keep in touch and maintain their bilateral relationship, CNN said.

The actual occurrences of the attack are unclear. Both sides present a different story, New York Times said.

Since the incident Pakistan has banned NATO supplies from passing through the country, CNN said.

White House Shooter Suspect

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A recorded audition to Oprah Winfrey's show of the suspect who attempted to assassinate President Barack Obama was released Friday, CNN said.

The 21-year-old man from Idaho said he was given a special mission from God to kill Obama, New York Times said.

On the evening of November 11 shots were fired at a window in the White House. The bullets did not penetrate the bullet proof windows, CNN said.

Obama and his wife were out of town at the time of the incident, New York Times said.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was arrested shortly after the shots were fired Wednesday in Pennsylvania, CNN said.

Penn State Sandusky Scandal

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Penn State's Football Coach, Joe Paterno was put on an indefinite leave after failing to report possible sexual abuse claims to police, CNN said.

Jerry Sandusky, assistant coach, was arrested last week on a charge of sexually abusing eight boys over the past 15 years, New York Times said.

Paterno was informed in 2002 by a witness of one of Sandusky's assaults and failed to report the incident to police, CNN said.

Neither Paterno nor the witness are being charged for their failure to report the incident, CNN said.

Cain's Blame Game

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Since the statement was released Monday that Cain was accused of sexual harassment in 1999 a blame game has continued throughout the week, CNN said.

No one seems to be able to identify who allowed this information to go public, New York Times said.

People from the left and Cain's opponents have been accused, and no one is fessing up, and Cain cannot seem to get a set story on the issue, New York Times said.

The statement was released by Joel Bennett, the woman's attorney. The woman desires to remain anonymous and never discuss the harassment, CNN said.

Early Snow Storm

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A snow storm spread across the northeast portion of the U.S. killed two people, and left over one million without electricity Saturday afternoon, CNN said.

An 84-year-old man died when a branch covered in snow crashed through his house, killing him instantly, CNN said.

New Jersey and New York airports have had flights delayed over 5 hours, CNN said.

This is the most snow New York has ever received before Halloween since 1869, CNN said.

The storm system developed by pulling cold air from Canada and moisture in from the Atlantic Ocean, Washington Post said.

Herman Cain Republican Candidate

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Hermain Cain, African American Republican presidential candidate, first gained political involvement with the restaurant industry, in 1996, said New York Times.

Mr. Cain began his involvement with the restaurant industry in 1996 when he became the runner of an industry lobby, the National Restaurant Association, said New York Times.

As a presidential candidate Mr. Cain proclaims his black heritage, and is using it as a leverage in votes, in an attempt to remove stereotypes, said Washington Post.

Mr. Cain is using his humor and wit to sway democratic voters to the right wing, said Washington Post.

Occupy Wall Street Expansion

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Occupy Wall Street protests have continued for the last four weeks and are now expanding to large cities across the country with no sign of stopping.

These protests have expanded to a variety of cities, including Tampa, Denver, and San Diego, just to name a few.

As the protests expand, so does their news coverage. Seven percent of the nation's news coverage was on about the protests through the second week of October, said New York Times.

The protesters that remain in New York, where the protests began, have encountered issues with the city over sanitation problems. The protesters cleaned the park themselves in order to keep police from removing them to take care of the issue, said CNN.

Protesters have lacked unity on purpose and desired changes through their protests, however, they are unified in their intentions to remain protesting for at least a few months, said CNN.

Helicopter Crashed & Sank in New York's East River

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A helicopter crashed and sank killing one and leaving four injured Tuesday afternoon in New York's East River minutes after takeoff, reported the New York Times.

One woman was pronounced dead at the scene after being trapped inside the helicopter when it sank, two of the injured were in critical condition, and the pilot's condition is stable.

The specific cause of the crash is still unknown, but the helicopter experienced problems after takeoff and attempted to return to the landing when the crash occurred, reported the New York Times.

Coast Guard officials arrived almost immediately on the scene to begin search and rescue, reported CNN.

Occupy Wall Street Protest Continues

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The 13-day, and counting, protest on Wall Street lacks a clear goal but continues to fight greed.

The protest in Zuccotti Park began Sept. 17. Since then several hundred protesters have made the park their home. People say they are protesting greed, but have no specific goals, said the LA Times.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg told the NY Times the protesters can stay as long as non-participants are able to pass by unharmed.

There are several committes working with the protesters to make sure everyone's needs are provided for as long as their protest continues.

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