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Describe how this film works with place, space and mobility? How does it compare with "Easy Rider". Give one good example comparing both films.
The movie "My Own Private Idaho" is similar to "Easy Riders" in a way that in both movies we see white privileged men who do not fit in the community, are traveling to find peace and happiness (whatever peace and happiness mean to them). In the movie "My own private Idaho" we see Scott and Mike sitting or hanging around streets and close spaces. Because they are hustlers, the way their space and place is shown give an impression of them being the out cast of the society. They live in this warn down and deserted building, with no heat or electricity. The building, itself, is located in this mysterious hidden space; which made it seemed like they are invisible to the society or that they do not exist. Through out the movie we see deserted, narrow alleys, tight spaces and darkness; which again gives the illusion of hopelessness or being lost. I think it was interesting that the concept of mobility was used in a very creative way. The film showed that even though Mike would also be considered as white, privileged male, but due to his sexuality he cannot "drive". Throughout the movie we see him being taken everywhere by someone. He wakes up in places that he does not know how he got their. I think the director is trying to make a point that despite his appearance and ethnicity, he does not have the privilege to travel on his own or "drive" the vehicle by himself. The opposite is the character Scott, because he is heterosexual and hold a privileged position in the society, we see him as being in charge. He knows where he is going and what he has to do. The movie does a good job in showing the inequality in our society based on sexuality.

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