Jessica Simpson: A Fading Star


Vanity Fair presents a brutally honest feature on Jessica Simpson in their June 2009 issue, covering every controversy of the pop star's last decade in the media spotlight. The magazine defines Simpson's popularity as at "the crossroads of Obscurity and Re-invention". 

The feature finds more entertainment in Jessica's personal troubles than her music career.   I would say the article is a personality profile, since the journalist interviewing Simpson exposes more about the celebrity apart from her music.  He inflects his own opinion of her so the reader is better able to understand Simpson as a person--not performer. 


The surprise of the feature is that for the most part, it is largely unflattering to Simpson's credit as a singer or a human being.  Everything from her weight, dating life, and a failed movie career are targets to criticism. 


 Simpson acknowledges that she feared her personal life was outshining her career. Tommy Mattola, head of Sony Music, advised Simpson to take a new direction.  


"I think she absolutely needs to re-invent herself," said Mottola.


Mattola was first to sign Simpson to a major-label record deal.  Since then she's taken his advice and the former pop princess embraced her inner Texan when she released her first country album last April.


But the album release couldn't hide the "danger signs" that Simpson's star could be burning out.  The singer's album sales have been decreasing since 2003.  Simpson acknowledged she has always been fighting to compete with the top female pop stars, calling herself the "Hardeez" of the industry in comparison to big name  "Burger King" Britney.


The feature is most interesting perhaps in the information it lacks.  It makes little mention of why Simpson merits her own profile.  There is mention of her recent album, but that's overshadowed by the constant criticism of her failures. The journalist finds Simpson's pretty face and personal life more interesting than her music, and isn't shy to say it's why she appeals to the reader, too.



One thing that stands out to me is this is really long. The paragraphs seem to be rather drawn to much for a blog. For it to be summarizing a feature I believe this could be shorter.

I like how you pull pieces from the feature and incorporated into your blog. That aspect makes it easier for readers to understand the concept of the original feature. Concluding the blog you had too much for the last two paragraphs.

First, I disagree with the previous comment that this blog post is too long. We had to have at least six paragraphs after all.

You did a good job of giving an overview of the profile on Simpson. You showed your thoughts well when tying in your reaction to the author's attitude. You also pulled "unsaid" thoughts from the piece.

Regarding the feature, I was satisfied after reading it. The author doesn't try to make you sympathize with Simpson, but rather lays out the course of her career, showing how much influence she gets from her preacher-turned-producer father. Simpson has "declined" in the past few years, and I don't think it's fair to blame it on her weight gain. It is fair, however, to blame it on her forgetting lyrics, terrible movies, and redundant albums.

I really like how you put this together, it has a great flow of events. I don't think it's too long either. In my opinion, regardless of what you're writing for, big paragraphs are just unappealing. It's nice to be able to skim through the big chunk, but when it's more spaced out it not only feels like there is more too it, but there's breathing room while you read! :)

I agree that it's a personality profile. It makes me sort of sad to read the feature though. I'm personally not a big fan of Jessica Simpson to begin with, but it really puts a giant spotlight on the failures in her career and how much her father has influenced her decisions. With the whole weight gain thing, I blame it on the stress of her family. She played the bread winner role (after she had her holy epiphany) for a while, which can be draining on anyone, rushed into a marriage, got divorced, and all the while this is going on no one ever really stopped to think about what she wanted (cough cough dad). It's too bad, but hopefully some good will come out of her new album.

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