Mother Escapes From Sinking Car



Esquire features an interesting article in the July issue of one woman's first-person account of nearly drowning in her car. 


The woman is Colette Deusing, a 51-year-old wife and mother of a son.  Deusing retells her misfortune of going out on an errand last April only to find herself trapped underwater in her car after she ignored blocked roadway signs.


What makes Deusing's brush with death interesting is her use of comedy in her storytelling.  She describes the way her silver Chrysler Sebring "went down like the Titanic" as water filled her car.  Still, Deusing describes the terror she felt when she couldn't open her windows or doors.


"I thought of my son and my husband," she said.  "I thought about how I'd never see them again."


By the time a man finally noticed and reached Duesing's car, the front was "completely submerged".  The man used a sharp object to create a hole in the convertible top large enough for Deusing to escape. 


This article is a personal narrative because it is a first person account of one person's bout with disaster.  This feature form is the best way for Deusing to recreate the drama of what it might feel like to be trapped in a car underwater. 


I found the most unique aspect of the article to be the author's light humor about the disaster situation. Adding little comedic quotes sets the article apart from any other disaster story.   

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