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Kidnapped Journalists Freed In Somalia

The New York Times reported that two foreign journalists were freed in Somalia Wednesday after a ransom was paid for the pair's release.


Australian Nigel Brennan and Canadian Amandia Lindhout were kidnapped in August of 2008 when they were working as freelance journalists for Western media organizations in Somalia.


Ms. Lindhout told Canada's CTV that she was tortured and kept in various houses during the 15 months of captivity. 


"It was extremely oppressive," she said.  "I was kept by myself at all times. I had no one to speak to." 

Mr. Brennan worried the pair would be sold to other militants after they were separated.

""Being pistol-whipped is sort of torture, being completely stripped of everything and then locked in a room, no-one to speak to, is a form of torture really," he said. 

Somali MP gave little details of the ransom amount but said the hostages were rescued by militiamen.

BBC News reported that Brennan and Lindhout are believed to be staying at a hotel in the capital, Magadishu.  The pair will fly to Kenya Thursday. 

Journalists have been frequently seized in Somalia since 1991, the last time the country had a stable government. British journalist Colin Freeman was released in January after being held captive in Somalia for nearly six weeks.

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