September 21, 2008

starting over

On occasion, I like to stay up all night. Reading. Drinking tea. Playing solitaire online. Petting the cats. Doing laundry. It never starts out as intentional. Tonight I began watching "Shoot the Piano Player." I decided to watch it again with the commentary, which wasn't as annoying as I thought it might be. I ended up watching it all the way through a second time. More on that when I think what I want to say . . .
Okay--shoot, I look at the clock. How did it get to be 3 a.m.? I want to do another load of laundry. Then finish my Dorothy Sayers reread (I'm going through some of my classic murder mysteries as I have no $$$$ to buy new ones).
Okay, what the hell. I've made myself a piece of cinnamon toast, a cup of tea. Might as well read a bit more of Julio Cortazar--"Hopscotch." Okay, later still. How about another chapter of "The World Is Flat."
Geez, now it's 6 a.m. Why not try restarting the damned blog? So now I've decided to stay up and go to Common Ground to meditate at 8 a.m. when they open the doors. The question is, will I be able to meditate or will I just fall asleep?