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Discovering Genius Loci

To understand Genius Loci you need to understand the “spirit of the place� and how creatures dwell within it. My great spiritual place is a little town called Onecoma on the eastern coast of Lake Michigan. I usually spend a few weeks every summer on this amazing piece of land. Every creature living in the area seems to know exactly how to treat the land it lives on. The birds seem to chirp just a little louder, the plants grow a little bigger, the fruits are just a little sweeter, and the people who live there are just a little happier. When I arrive there I feel a little out of place because everything is so perfect and I am intruding on it’s perfection, but after observing for a few minutes my perception and attitude changes and I see myself fitting into the whole structure of life on the land. If it were up to me I would stay on the beach forever, but that would be too much intrusion on it. My favorite part of the area is the phenomenon called the Great Bear Dunes. These huge dunes rival those in the middle east and no one really knows how they got there. You can walk up and down the dunes for miles and on a clear day can see across the whole lake on one of the many bluffs. Whether you like water and sand or don’t once you visit this place you will never want to leave.